My NASA Beginning

by Bob Pace 15. March 2017 11:38

We were headed into space in 1962 but the going was slow and the money was hard to come by. Then in an address to the American people President John F. Kennedy that you just heard provided the push we needed to get things rolling in the right direction and The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was charged with the duty to land men on the moon and bring them back safely to the earth, before the end of the decade.

At this time I was working at Kelley Air Force Base in San Antonio Texas. However, I new at that time I would have a hand in the space program. I had told my Dad when I was only 10 years old that I was not going to be a rancher like the rest of our family. In a very loud voice he said: Then what are going to do, "Boy"? I told him I was going to be and Electronics Engineer and he said; well that’s not ever going to amount to anything! I didn’t reply, but in my mind I thought "we will see".

I transferred from Kelly AFB in San Antonio, TX to NASA in the summer of 1962 and was assigned to the manned spacecraft center (MSC) now called the Johnson Space Center (JSC) located in Houston Texas.

MERCURY 9 was completed on May 16, 1963 and that program was coming to an end. So I was assigned to work on the Gemini Program. There were a number of systems that would have to be developed and tested before we could even think about sending men to the moon.


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